A Fence Your Dog Just Can’t Climb

 Dogs Just Can't Climb this systemWhen you own a dog you are participating in one of the most rich and loving relationships that a person can be in. Dog truly is man’s best friend. You care for your dog. You pet them. You groom them. You feed them. You make sure that they are always warm and safe. This is why it can be so infuriating if you have a dog that likes to climb over the fence that you have put up. Year after year an almost uncountable number of dogs go missing because they simply climb over the fences that are meant to keep them safe in the back yard. There is a good reason why this happens.

Most dog fences are made out of chain link. Chain link is a fine material for making something like an enclosed kennel or if you are simply using it to set a perimeter from your neighbor’s property. However, it is basically useless as a dog fence.

This is because it is constructed so poorly in that regard. Chain link was not originally meant for fencing in an animal and it shows with its design. There are two reasons why it is terrible at deterring a dog from climbing, and they all boil down to the fact that chain link was not designed with dogs in mind.

First of all, chain link is too strong. It supports your dog’s weight when they are climbing. It gives them the chance they need to gain sure footing and that allows them to climb right over it. Making things worse is the fact that it features a pattern that is large enough for them to get their paws into. This allows them to comfortably scale the fence. It simply offers no climbing challenge fro them.

If you want to be sure to keep your dog from climbing the fence then you need to use the top pet containment available today. You need the fencing kit from Pet Playgrounds.

Pet Playgrounds offers a virtually escape proof dog fence. It is designed to keep your dog from being able to dig, climb, or jump their way out of it. This is because it is a complete enclosure as opposed to an open fence. Even better is the fact that it uses a fine wire mesh pattern that your dog will find uncomfortable to try and climb.

The mesh will also buckle and change shape under their weight without being damaged. It takes away the sure footing that they would have with a regular chain link fence. It is the best dog fence on the market today and you will not regret the purchase.

Keeping a dog from from climbing over the fence is an extremely difficult proposition if you are not willing to train them to be an inside dog or if you are not willing to spend the money necessary to keep them in the back yard. It is, however, worth it for your pet’s safety and comfort to take these extra measures.