The Importance of Repairing Tile Grout to Repair Water Damage

tile-grout-repairWater damage can be an incredibly frustrating thing to deal with as a home owner. It can seemingly come out of nowhere and always costs a lot of money to deal with properly. One of the worst places to have water damage in the home is in the bathroom. It seems like any time that the bathtub or toilet overflows water damage starts to build up, especially in places where the tile grout is not in the best of shape. Here are some reasons why your bathroom’s tile grout can be a water damage magnet and how you can fix it.

Grout Damage Can Cause Water Damage

When there is damage to your tile’s grout it creates a tiny opening that water can work its way into. When this happens the water starts to soak into the wooden foundation of the flooring. While it is true that in small quantities the water does not do significant damage it can get worse over time. If enough water has made its way through not only can the tiles themselves become damaged enough to fall apart, the wooden foundation of the floor will start to soften up and eventually weaken. This makes it incredibly unsafe to walk on.

… And Mold

Making things worse is that the moisture build up can start to attract mold growth which can actually start to eat at the foundation. This only increases the danger element and the mold can actually spread throughout your home as a result. In fact, if you already have some water damage you may want to call in the water damage experts at Damage Control 911 to perform an inspection.

While it may seem like an inspection is overkill for what looks to be such a small spot, think again. When you shower in your bathroom even with a ventilation fan going steam builds up and this steam is not only creating a damp warm environment that is perfect for mold to flourish and thrive. It is also enough to carry mold spores up into your ventilation fan and from there the rest of your home. Once those mold spores are somewhere even less traveled than the bathroom such as the attic or basement, you’ll have a real problem on your hands. A dark, damp environment like the attic mixed with the heat from the suns rays beating down on your roof create the perfect mixture for rapid and aggressive growth of molds such as black mold which can be extremely detrimental to your health. Mold remediation is also a service offered by the experts at .

Get It Fixed Fast

While it’s said that being safe is better than being sorry, this couldn’t be more true when it comes to mold and how fast it can grow. What starts out as a small spot under a tile in the corner of your bathroom can quickly become an all consuming issue throughout the entirety of your home. Expensive and difficult to remove it really is better to hit it while it’s small. Calling an expert is one of the most cost efficient things you could do as a home owner.